Do you guys know balenaproductions? The guy behind the Sonic Zombie videos on YouTube? I believe most of you do. Some of his videos have over 16 million views! Basically, he has a lot of fans.

I, for one, have had much respect for Steve, as he’s called. I wasn’t prepared to see his true self, though.

Steve’s pretty famous for not being afraid of saying what he wants. This often leads to arguments, which is a pity. A fellow fan noticed this and in an attempt to save him from much trouble, sent a considerate ask over to Steve’s tumblr-page. He suggested that if Steve didn’t act so harshly towards others, then he wouldn’t get harsh responses back. Nothing bad about this, right?

Well, apparently Steve’s brain read this as offensive and answered with one simple, disgusting sentance:

“Why weren’t you aborted?”

He essentially answered with “kill yourself” to a fan who did nothing wrong. No, worse, Steve said that he never should have lived in the first place. Disgusting, right?

Amanda ( amandoro, my cousin) and I saw this and we were shocked by his behaviour, of course. We asked him to rethink his answer, as his little “joke” could end up taking a life. Because, as we all know, it is NEVER okay to joke about suicide. That’s not a joke, it’s disrespecting someone’s life.

Steve refused to apologise or even recognise his mistake multiple times, and his fans started defending him by saying that he talks like this “all the time”. How does that make it okay? That’s even worse – behaviour like this should not be accepted by anyone, no matter how “famous” you are.

Amanda and I unfollowed and unsubscribed him to make it clear that we won’t stand for this. And believe us, we will do everything we can do prove to him that he won’t be able to get away with this. If you agree with us, then we urge you to contact him, unsubscribe him… just to make a stand. Show that his actions have consequenses. Maybe in the end he will realise what he did wrong.

Some of you may wonder why we are doing all this. “It’s just one person!” one may think.

No, it really isn’t in the end. As stated above, he has videos with millions of views. He has great influence over so many people because thousands of people look up to him.
If his fans see that he gets away with joking about people killing themselves, they will in the end think that’s okay. It already has happened – many of his fans started defending HIM, not the victim of this all.
If we are able to show that his actions have consequenses, all of his fans will see this and realise that he messed up.
And that’s what’s important – to make people realise that. We need to stop people like Steve from poisoning young minds.

I unfollowed him, but i won’t unsubscribe him until sonic in jp comes out.

Dude, no. Unsubscribe NOW. Do the right thing. Spread the word about this asshole!

Yeah! Down with that lazy dago!

Do you have ANY self-awareness at all, you smug dickhead?

Thanks for proving my point from my blog.

The problem I have with: Tumblr’s bad reputation sparks

When I joined Tumblr last spring, I thought Tumblr was a silly website filled with GIF image sheets, blogs, and posts that surpass Twitter’s character limit. Well it seems that I was sorely mistaken. This website is riddled with oversensitive social justice warriors that can’t smile for once.

Let’s go back to August where Jontron made a tweet about the Playstation Now. He said, “‘Playstation Now’ is the most painfully retarded thing I’ve seen in a while. WTF even.” Then someone asked him not to say retarded because it’s rude. Jon responded in a sarcastic manner that he was retarded, my bad. Now this is the point where most people, like 99% of the people would do this. People are freaking out over Jon saying…..retarded. According to them, retard is a slur. Really? Last time I saw a television show, retard wasn’t even bleeped out. The words that are meant to be bleeped out are Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, Tits, Asshole, “any sexual act”, Nigger, and Faggot. I’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to real slurs. 

Now what’s ironic that the people who got upset at Jontron accidentally offended the folks on Twitter and Tumblr, are purposely being offensive. Calling him names such as trash, disgusting, trainwreck, asshole, ugly, and neckbeard; and on top of that, insulting and threatening him and his fanbase for “defending” him. If that’s not hypocrisy then I don’t know what is. So who’s the real disgusting trash here? Some comedic internet game reviewer calling an inanimate object retarded or the people who post malicious blogs threatening Jon and his pet bird’s life for having an opposing opinion?

Forwarding to September where Balenaproductions posted a hilarious image about Sonic Boom.image

But then….


Okay so opinions can be wrong. But should they be treated like a natural disaster? He said enough about Sonic Boom looking ridiculous. After that, many anonymous SJWs go from left and right towards him saying the exact same thing. Steve answered one of them with a sarcastic remark of being aborted. This rubbed another person the wrong way so much this happened.image

Damn! This is a perfect example of a social justice warrior. Where do I even begin with this? Let’s dissect parts of this post one at a time.

First off, this is where I’m fully convinced that the people on Tumblr are oversensitive over even sarcasm. Keyword: Sarcasm. Is having an ounce of sense of humor that difficult? Second, the whole “I had respect” and “true self” statements. How long did this person follow Steve? Respect for what? And on top of that, do people expect respect this person too? If so, what are the requirements of getting respect from this individual? Unexplained. The “true self” statement is as pretentious as it sounds. Steve is Steve and Jon is Jon. Nothing else. Third, apologizing. Since when did saying “I’m sorry” solve anything? Going back to Jontron, a ton of people on Tumblr and Twitter were demanding him to apologize for “being abelist”. Jon politely refused and told them to stop being over sensitive. Steve would do the same when stuff like this happens. Apologizing doesn’t fix EVERYTHING. Even if one of them apologizes, the Tumblr SJWs wouldn’t believe them anyways. They’ll always find a way to complain about something. Fourth, make a stand!? So this person expects people to unfollow him, contact him by saying “naughty, naughty Steve”, and spread the word? That’s their decision, not yours. If they want to keep watching his content, let them. Don’t pressure them to not like things that you don’t like. People have different preferences. You can’t expect them to have the exact same mindset as you. Like I said before, opinions can be wrong. This individual’s the one “poisoning minds”, not Steve.

As you can tell, I’m against the Tumblr SJWs because of this. They can’t take a joke. They can’t simmer down. And mostly, they don’t know when to quit. Now you know why I made this beauty. If you answer questions daily on Tumblr, I would suggest you disable anonymous questions permanently because you’ll get this kind of stupidity no matter what.

Tumblr SJWs be retarded yo.

Anonymous asked:

Hi. Now, suffice to say I'm not the biggest MVM person but...I shown your post to some friends that knew MVM more in-depth and while one said that you made good points, a lot agreed that these tips were more situational and generally uneffective in Mann Up servers. For example, a lot called foul on your "I beat a game without an Engie!", stating that you made it up or saying that it was possible on Decoy. Most agreed that these tips could get you kicked in Mann Up mode. What say you?

I never played Mann Up. I’ve heard a lot of horrible things about the players in Mann Up which made me fear playing it even more. If I would want to Mann Up, I would do it with friends instead of random people ruining the fun.

Debunking Mann vs Machine myths

  • Engineers/Medics are required. If you don’t have an engineer/ a medic, you’re going to lose. Do all teams “need” an engineer or a medic? If so then how come I’m able to beat some matches without one of the two? It’s possible to complete it without even both.
  • Snipers and Spies are useless.image
  • Two Engineers are good! A huge no no. More engineers will lead to more sentry busters. Most engineer clones end up placing buildings next to each other because they think it’ll deal more damage. However, one of the sentry busters will eliminate all of those buildings in one blast. This is the main reason why I have a huge dislike of clones of the same class. Also there are two upgrades called Two-way teleporter and disposable mini sentry. (Better than gunslinger)

  • Heavy sucks at damaging tanks. If he’s alone. He can damage a tank as much as any other class related to damage when he’s helping. Crit canteens accelerate the process.
  • Melee is better against tanks. What do the majority of the people say when a tank appears? SHOOT THE TANK! Meleeing it is a much slower way to wreck a tank actually. The heavy weapons guy is the heavy weapons guy, not Kenshiro and the pyro is best suited to destroy tanks with the Phlogistinator.
  • Kritzkrieg is the only medigun you should use. While it’s the best medigun, it is not required. There are always other options. Say hello to crit canteens while you’re at it.
  • Scout should only collect money. Says the lazy engineer who won’t even pick up a single small pile of cash right next to him. Why not help the scout instead of having him to do it alone just in case if he dies? Plus the scout should at least defend himself with his primary weapon.
  • Duplicates are Bad! Mostly, not all the time. I’ve seen it succeed before but…..
  • Duplicates are Good! Soldier and heavy can be partners for damage. No need for two of each. Demoman and sniper can be partners for specific kills and single shot group kills. No need for two demos. Scout and spy can be partners for collecting cash. One scout is enough to be a money vacuum. Medic and engineer can be partners. I’ve already talked about the two engineers debuff and one medic is enough to keep the team healthy. Scout’s force-a-nature, heavy’s rage, and demo’s loose cannon defeats the purpose of multiple pyros.
  • Everyone go ________! It’s our only chance to win! image
  • Scout should switch class at the final wave. Don’t care about money at the last wave? Well how about Mad Milk’s slowdown effect or mark for death? Those don’t matter too?

  • Sydney Sleeper sucks! While not the best sniper rifle in the game. It still has its uses. Explosive headshots are still there but don’t expect critical damage. Penetration upgrade marks multiple targets at once in a single shot.
  • Bottle>Swords It’s easy to kill a lone robot with your melee of choice; especially as a demo. Plus the max health reduction is not that big of a deal. The blades have a longer range and each kill with the eyelander/HHH gives out additional max HP and speed.
  • Don’t attack the Sentry Buster! That’s real teamwork, leaving your engineer running for his life from a running bomb. Not all engineers have rescue ranger you know. Jarate/Milk slowdown works against the sentry buster too.
  • More tours = Better player! Oh great, another egotistical player that loves to brag about their success and believes paying money for the game means skill.

What other myths that you would like to add?

At first the whole thin skinned Tumblr SJW’s freaking out over Jontron’s posts were hilarious but now it’s getting embarrassing. We get it, you don’t like him anymore. Stop stuffing it down peoples’ throats, get over it and find something else to enjoy. While you’re at it, stop telling people to not like things you don’t like.

Please lighten up for once Tumblr users.

Yeah… the whole Anti-Brony fandom thing is starting to get worse.