Don’t label your own opinion as a fact. It makes you a pretentious fool if you believe what’s in your mind is actual. Unless you give me proof. Like I said, opinions can be wrong. Facts cannot.

kinggrimlock asked:

Going out on a limb and say you watched Arin's Sequelitis vid on Zelda. Any specific thoughts? Don't take you as a hardcore Zelda franchise fantastic but still curious as to what your opinions were on his stance.


I actually didn’t like it all that much, cuz it seemed more like a soap box for him to just shit on games he doesn’t like, stir up a hornet’s nest and get views rather than just make insightful game criticism like his Mega Man video.

I’d hate to say it but he sounded a bit biased. He barely ever said anything positive about OOT and Skyward Sword and negative about LTTP. Even a non-Zelda fan like myself thought it was more of a "I don’t like what most people like" kind of video.

Me after reading Crispy Toast/KaraszKun’s Google+ posts.

Problems with writer’s block

Anytime I plan to do a different video, I start on making it and eventually my enthusiasm decreases. I don’t know what’s up with me. This is why I don’t announce on what I’m about to do often anymore.